Your “ONE-STOP SHOP” For All Your Needs

  • Earn money from your users: receive 25% revenue kickback from all their transactions.

  • RPC provider (bring your own or choose your preferred one or simply get the fastest connection).

  • All ZK chains with 100% full private connection (on & off-chain privacy thanks to HOPR).

  • More Chains - select from hundreds of chains.

  • Value add services = with the ease of a one-click integration.

Easy as one two … that’s it!
1) integrate our SDK
2) benefit from all services of our open platform

Want to make it even easier?
Apply now to get integrated at our next hackathon
(you will receive a PR) at no cost to you

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RPCh blue Shield, Wallet Privacy powered by HOPR
Your Wallet
Earn Additional Revenue

    Integrating Services & Chains costs time and money - not with ONE. Choose your services, chains & RPC providers with a simple click in the admin panel:

  • Enhance security with scam & fraud protection

  • Reduce Transaction costs with gas fee optimization

  • Simulate transactions to protect your users

  • Add privacy to all zk-Chains

  • Select from hundreds of chains

  • Earn 25% of the money your users save through MEV protection

  • Users get 75% kickback through MEV revenue

The Lack of Privacy in our Web3

Crypto wallets today leak unreasonable amounts of data & metadata about their users.
Not maliciously or on purpose, but just inherently with how they function.

Luckily, RPCh solves this completely!

Technical Integration

Integrate our SDK

Integrate ONE effortlessly with our wallet SDK. It will take a maximum of two man-days to implement it, or you can contact us to integrate it into your wallet. You can have RPCh integrated into your wallet for free at our next hackathon.

Apply For Free Wallet Integration

RPCh Wallet Integrations (Demo)

At the Infinite Hackathon in Bogota last year, three wallets were integrated with RPCh. Block Wallet, Tally Ho!, and Frame.

Why does your Wallet need ONE:

    Your "ONE-STOP SHOP" for all your needs:

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    Earn money from your users: receive 25% MEV revenue kickback

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    Value add services = with the ease of a one-click integration

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    RPC provider (bring your own or choose your preferred one)

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    100% on-chain & off-chain privacy

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    Seamless integration & UX

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